We are your neighbors.  We are residents of West Covina—just like you. 


We are a diverse group of residents of different ages, backgrounds, and life experiences. We are typical West Covina residents.  We live in neighborhoods throughout the city.


  • Some of us are employees.  Some own their business.  Some are retired.


  • Some of us own our homes.  Some rent a room, a house, or an apartment.


  • Some of us are a spouse, a parent, a child, a grandparent, a brother, sister, aunt, uncle or friend of a police officer or firefighter.  We know their jobs are difficult.  We respect them for what they do.


What we do have in common is a concern about the fiscal policy and direction our city is taking. We are concerned about leadership.  


West Covina has a history of fiscal mismanagement which the previous council had started the process of correcting.  Changing fiscal mismanagement is not an easy or quick process.  In November 2018,  union influence in the election resulted in a new council majority taking office which in turn resulted in new administration in 2019.


We believe this new council has adopted policies and practices that risk the fiscal health of our city.  For example:


  • By action, the city council majority granted a HUGE pay raise to police and fire employees that commits most of the NEW TAX to expensive pay and benefits for them.  There is very little money left to fund the sponsors “promised” wish list.


  • By inaction, the city council majority allowed the public safety unions to sponsor a sales tax increase with an ordinance that places union interests over residents’ interest.


Please review the issues and concerns we are presenting on our website.  Once you do, we believe you will join us in “Voting NO on Measure WC.  Since the current city council chose not to sponsor this tax increase, neither should we!