We are your West Covina Neighbors.  We are working to STOP THE TAX GRAB because the unions, not the city council, wrote Measure WC.  We are concerned about the fiscal policy and direction or city is taking.  We are concerned about leadership. 


The unions wrote Measure WC to help themselves, not residents.  


  • The union’s spent over $170,000 in both monetary and non-monetary contributions to influence residents to sign their petition.


  • We realize the unions will spend even more to influence voting on their measure in the March 2020 election.


We are working to inform and educate residents on why VOTING NO ON MEASURE WC is in the best interest of residents.   Our effort is a West Covina grassroots effort funded by residents.


We realize we can’t match what they will spend—we are just regular West Covina residents.  Please consider making a donation to our grassroots resident effort today.   We will make every cent you donate, count.

Contribution Form

and Mailing Instructions

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