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Fast Facts

This page list charts and printer-friendly documents on this website.   It is a fast way to find that chart or other document you would like to share with your neighbors and friends. 


Unless noted otherwise, all files are PDFs.

General Information

  • City Council




City Council Influence on Department Head Hiring  (13 pages)

Note this table includes the the following:

  • Exhibit 1  City Manager Appointment Powers

  • Exhibit 2  City Manager Recruitment 2019

  • Exhibit 3  Department Head Hiring

Department Head and Councilmember Job Differences

West Covina City Council 2012-2024  By Calendar Year  (2 pages)

West Covina City Council & City Manager 2012-2024 By Fiscal Year (2 pages)

West Covina City Council Comparable Compensation SurveySelected Cities


West Covina City Council Compensation SurveyCurrent & Proposed Compared to Selected Cities

  • Elected Official Positions on Selected Issues

  • Employee Compensation & Related Information

  • State Auditor Data

Campaign Information

  • Candidate Participation

  • Contributions

Election - November 2018


Public Safety Union Campaign Contribution Expenditures in Support or Opposition of a City Council Candidate or Measure - November 2018 Election

Election - November 2020 

Reporting Period: Preelection Statement 1: 

    July 1, 2020 - September 1, 2020

Reporting Period:  Preelection Statement 2: 

     September 20, 2020 - October 17, 2020

Update:  12/25/23 jp

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