This website is about the facts--the "who, what, when, and why" that will happen if the sales tax is increased.

The West Covina public safety unions, NOT the West Covina City Council, wrote Measure WC, and the unions wrote it to help themselves, not the residents.  Measure WC is tied to the new police and fire contracts the city council recently approved. 

Here’s what Measure WC really does:


  • Allows the Unions to Run Our City.  Measure WC is about leadership, who runs our city and avoiding massive layoffs of city staff, the sale of city assets, and ultimately bankruptcy!  Residents asked our city council to get involved with the sales tax increase--and the City Council majority chose not to.

  • Hides the Real Purpose of the Tax.  The union sponsors of this ballot measure already have an agreement with the City Council that most of this new tax will go into the pockets of police and firefighters—but the sponsors aren’t saying that. Instead, the sponsors are selling a “wish list” of promises that can’t be kept.

  • Big Unaffordable Raise ALREADY GIVEN. The City Council just gave a 12% pay raise to police and fire—despite the State Auditor labeling West Covina “High-Risk for Fiscal Distress” . . . 17th worst of 471 cities in the state! 



If Measure WC passes the following will happen:


  • Whopping Total Raise.  Gives police and fire another 4%, PLUS a 9% (3%+3%+3%) bonus, for a whopping 25% total increase. 


  • Unsustainable Required Raises.  Requires police and fire salaries to be in the top ¼ of local cities—regardless of the city’s budget. 

  • Replaces Audit Committee with Union’s New Oversight Committee. The current Audit Committee has repeatedly questioned and criticized $80,000+ individual overtime for many police and fire personnel.  The union’s replacement oversight committee requires union presidents to appoint police and fire employees to their new oversight committee and to approve policy changes a council may wish to make to the committee.  What are they trying to hide about overtime?

  • Increases in Costs Will Force More Taxes.  The City’s required pension obligation payments and overtime costs will skyrocket and will ultimately lead to more new taxes and higher fees.

  • A Reverse "Robin Hood" Scheme.   We are against HUGE salary increases that will put our city on the path to bankruptcy and force even more taxes on residents.  Half of West Covina's resident's household income is less than $76,000--much less than police and fire employees.

We care about West Covina--its fiscal health and the quality of life of struggling families, seniors and the poor--the people who will be hurt most--if Measure WC passes.  Since the city council chose not to sponsor this tax increase, neither should we.

Protect the fiscal health of West Covina . . .


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