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November 8, 2022 City Council Election



Anyone looking at this table will know OUTSIDE people are trying to buy this election!

We're West Covina residents.  We live here.  We pay the taxes for the services the city provides.  We don't want outside people "messing" in our elections.












Have City Finances really improved under the leadership of


In a word:  NO!


​Here’s the Facts:  Reckless Spending

City Council members are elected to represent the public’s interest.  The money they spend is ours, not theirs.  The city we live in is ours, not theirs.  The decisions they make are supposed to be in the best interest of the residents, not for their own self-interest or for their own pet projects. 


In the American system of government, elected officials are expected to listen to the people and include the people’s views when decisions are made. Tony Wu and Letty Lopez do not listen to the people.  Tony Wu and Letty Lopez do not listen to California agencies that have responsible for reviewing the city’s finances and other issues..


For example, the State Auditor stated the City should “prepare financial analyses that evaluate both the short-term and long-term financial implications of significant decisions” (December 20, 2020). The City Council routinely makes major financial commitments without a financial analysis as the examples below show.  This process is wrong because it is the people’s money.  When any city council recklessly spends money without a fiscal analysis they place our financial future at risk.

When city council members make reckless decisions as our current city council is doing, we the people---the taxpaying citizens of West Covina--should vote them out of office.  If they stay in office, we will eventually be expected to pay higher taxes and fees and/or have less services.   

  • Visit our Endorsements page to see why we think OLLIE CANTOS and FRED SYKES are the best replacements for the current reckless spending city council. 

Learn about more Reckless Spending issues.



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We are West Covina Neighbors!

Working together West Covina Neighbors stopped, by an 80% to 20% vote, the severely flawed Measure WC sponsored by the city’s public safety unions which would have increased our city sales tax and reduced the city’s ability to manage its budget.


We focus on West Covina’s leadership and financial management because leadership and management directly impact the services we receive, the taxes we pay, and, most importantly, our safety and well-being. 


Our major concern is the State Auditor’s ranking of West Covina as a “High Financial Risk” city and the City Council’s decisions that can and do impact West Covina’s financial stability—and in turn, resident quality of life.

Issues We are Monitoring

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